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I'm waiting in the rain an like you. Max if you like wax masks then make wax masks! The airport sparrow landed on the airport. On the airport the airport sparrow landed. Itty-bitty cats vomit itty-bitty vomit. Itty-bitty vomit is vomited by itty-bitty cats. Daughter of the manufacturer of Constantinoplan bag-pipe pipes In thick spruce thicket thick spruces are diligently nodding.

Between two sharp rocks two hissing hiss-snakes where sitting and hissing. Between "or" and "and" and "and" and "and" and "and" and "or" there is always a space. This is a log. A finely spliced log sent by Miss Meissner from Neisse and she lets say quite finely, that her husband is a busy log-splicer, who at night - before eating or biting anything - would have spliced a lot of logs. The brushes with the black bristles brush better than the brushes with the white bristles.

The cats are scratching in the litterbox. In the litterbox the cats are scraching. Seldom I eat vinegar; when I eat vinegar, I eat vinegar with salad. When after Greeks creep Greeks, Greeks creep after Greeks. When rumballs roll around rumballs, rumballs roll around rumballs.

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Four multiplied by four five times is more than five multiplied by five four times. Ten goats pulled ten hundredweight to the zoo. Twenty dwarfs were demonstrating handstands, ten in the closet, ten on the sandy beach. In the whole round there was nothing but round dogs. Seven snowshovelers shovel seven shovels full of snow. With no bran and no germ, no small grain can germinate. With no bran and no germ, the small child can barely chew grain. Small violet flannel rags On the love-trip the giant of body said "rub it Lisa" and she rubbed it silently.

Six Saxonian drinkers pay ten Czech bar bills. Here you have a log - a well-spliced spliced log from Mrs. He hasn't eaten a bite yet, but already spliced and split a whole heap of logs. Wife of deputy of the captain of the Danube steamboat company Two slimy snakes slink between two rocks and hiss. At the postoffice things are packed and sorted. An ironing board remains an ironing board. When the Mercedes- Benz brakes the Benz brake lights light up.

Behind a spruce thicket finks are diligently picking. The night watchman is tooting.

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And when he has tooted enough, he puts his tooter back into the tooter-box. She placed the Czech matchbox on the table. Critical toads don't chew any concrete croquettes.

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The cat steps on the stairs until they are bent. Our caretaker's name is Mouse. Most of the time he lives in the cellar. A black man with a gazelle never hesitates in the rain. Who knows nothing and knows that he knows nothing knows more than who knows nothing and doesn't know he knows nothing.

Mariechen says to Mariechen, let me smell Mariechen, so Mariechen let Mariechen smell. When seals crawl behind seals, seals crawl after seals. The rattlesnakes rattled until their rattles sounded listless.

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  7. The stupid Doffels The fat stupid Doffel carried the thin stupid Doffel through the deep thick village dirt. Whereupon the thin stupid Doffel thanked the fat stupid Doffel that the fat stupid Doffel carried the thin stupid Doffel through the deep thick village dirt. The wax mask maker makes wax masks out of wax mask wax. Who is minimally immune to aluminum has aluminum minimal immunity. Who has aluminum minimal immunity is minimaly immune to aluminum. Who uses "use" without "to" need not use use at all.

    Allergic Algerians, Algerian allergic people. The mail is loaded with parcels. Fat nieces are composing poetry in thick spruce thicket, This night, he said, said Hans, said Mary: If he is coming by the way of Oberammergau, or else by the way of Unterammergau, or else not at all, you never know. The Swiss welder is sweating and welding. The Swiss sweater is welding and swaeting. Sweating, the Swiss welder is welding. The tourist is happy when he is on a tour and is constantly eating.

    The Cottbus mail coach driver is cleaning the mail box of the Cottbus mail coach with Cottbus mail coach box paste.


    The lieutenant of Leuthen ordered his people not to ring before the lieutenant of Leuthen ordered his people to ring. The chaplain is pastin cardboard posters. Two swallows are twittering between two plum branches, I wish you as many good days in the year as the fox has hair on the brush tail. In Ulm and around Ulm and roundabout Ulm. Few know how much one must know to know how little one knows. Wax mask, change of measurement We Vienese washerwomen want to wash white laundry, if we knew where warm water is.

    Warm watter we know, white laundry we wash.

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    In a chocolate store store girls are unloading chocolate. When suffering my only confort was love. My Husband is called Deer. The shining of the moon already seemed nice. Red cabbage stays red cabbage, loaf of bread stays loaf of bread, wedding dress stays wedding dress.

    Sonntag, 1. September 12222

    Tailor's scissors cut sharp. Sharp cut tailor's scissors. Never think you think, because when you think you think you don't think, you only think you think, because the thinking of thoughts is thoughless thinking. Bismarck bit Marc until Marc bit Bismarck! When flies fly behind flies flies are flying after flies. Under a spruce root I heard a gnome farting. Ten tame goats pulled ten hundredweights of sugar to the train of Zittau. A fat lady wanted to get through the thick dirt. Whereupon the fat lady asked the fat servant if the fat servant would carry the fat lady through the thick dirt.

    Then then fat servant carried the fat lady through the thick dirt, whereupon the fat lady thanked the fat servant for carrying the fat lady through the thick dirt. Unfortunately he sang lots of loud songs to the lute. Why are you looking so stubborn boy, were you in the beer bar? Donkeys don't eat nettles. Nettles don't eat donkeys! The Spanish adore exciting games. Because godfathers asked for the roast, we roasted turkey for the godfathers.

    Could offer turkey-roast to the godfathers, because we had roasted turkey - like the godfathers had requested. Who digs a pit for other, has a pit-digging device. How much spawn would such an amphibian easily spawn, if an amphibian would spawn spawn. Do you know that the "the" is the most used word in the sentence?

    New pond fish for the native fishpond. Rowboat, bread with butter, Freshly laquered burnished painted box. Fear of fruit flesh leads to flight from fruit flesh. Stanislaus dislikes the sausage in the borscht. The sturgeon in the borscht doesn't matter to Stanislaus.