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She communicates directly with your spirit guides and other teachers who assist you in your life path. Dee is currently exploring two important spiritual topics put forth by the planetary guides for our development at this time in our awakening. The first is the deepest roots of western spirituality which can be found in the Egyptian tradition of religion and magic.

Exploring the divine feminine led Dee to create her line of Divine Feminine Jewelry. Services: Dee has a strong belief in the value of personal growth and personal empowerment and responsibility. In her individual counseling sessions, Dee shares the most effective techniques from her years of experience and study to facilitate personal growth for her clients. Astrology, Tarot and Channeled Guidance — Dee uses her highly developed spiritual vision is her work. He began studying astrology during college and continues to deepen his understanding. Drew practices empowerment astrology with the intent of helping others maximize their gifts and talents and find ways to confront challenges and barriers in life.

Empowerment Astrology uses your astrological charts to uncover your innate talents and see how they fit into the way you have decided to live your life. These charts also enable you to touch on your authenticity. Finally they reveal some of the lessons you are here to learn as well as those you have already mastered or will do so in the future.

We discuss the sign and house each of the planets in your chart and their aspects. Aspects are the geometric relationships between and among those planets, for instance, conjunctions, oppositions and squares. These patterns form themes in your chart. Transits and Progressions: As we age and grow, the planets move and form aspects to our natal chart. Astrology can inform about the natural cycles and rhythms of your life.

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Transits are forces moving through birth chart in a lifetime which affect your astrological patterns and planets. Progressions are tool to view development logic of the birth chart from the inside as opposed to the transits for the outside. As symbolic movements of your planets these represent your personal growth.

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Drew uses a combination of astrological knowledge and intuitive insights to form these interpretations. He records these sessions so that you may go back and listen again to glean more information. Drew is also a certified KI Coach and helps clients as a personal coach. He also offers the Purpose-Powered Professional workshop and one-on-one coaching to help clients discover their authenticity and become more strongly grounded in their unique purpose. Whether working with astrology, coaching or Reiki, his goal is to enable individuals to become more self-reliant, to align with their life mission and to reach for what is really important.

He was a founding member of the Network of Triangle Astrologers and was president of the local chapter of the National Council for Geocosmic Research for several years. Foulkes is a Reiki Master, teacher, historical researcher and author of four books written with Spirit.

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After ten yeaars of study she has earned a commission in the Spiritualist Church as a certified medium. Trained as a psychologist and raised by a scientist, Jan was taught to trust her feelings and nurture her intuition. This has made her one of the most successful intuitive readers known nationally today. Jan helps to bring people to their full potential and has changed lives by helping them understand their path and by removing negativity.

Spiritual cleansing of houses and businesses are among her specialties, and keep her active locally. What will my romantic relationships be like? What kinds of careers can I excel in? What is my spiritual life path? Practicing astrology for over 45 years, John Wessels also has a B.

He is also an expert palm reader. John was taught astrology in his early teens by his two aunts, who were professional astrologers in Philadelphia in the 50s and 60s. Widely acclaimed as an expert astrologer, John has interpreted thousands of astrological charts for clients throughout the world during the past 45 years. And your most important life — plus the one the Akashic Masters are most supremely situated to help you with —is the one you have NOW.

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And throughout any session they also bathe you in healing light energy that uplifts, clears, and empowers you to co-create what you most long for going forward. They give a checklist of 14 questions based on "who benefits under what conditions? What makes a good client? A good client ie one for whom success is most likely is one who shares the therapist's values and beliefs.

It is as simple as that.

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More specifically the client "should be able to easily absorb dogmas and ideas of the most abstract, even outlandish dimension. He should be philosophically adaptable and able to ape the therapist's value system and biases. The more he agrees with the therapist, the better his chances of being helped. This conditioning process is at the core of all faith healing, magic and religion" Gross If astrologers take care to avoid such clients, and to accept only clients who share their values and beliefs, their own beliefs cannot fail to be reinforced, including the wrong belief that astrology is a source of information.

But once the client and astrologer have found each other, what should happen next? Basic techniques of counselling It happens to all of us. Friends, workmates, people you meet along the way, suddenly pour out their troubles. They need someone to talk to, and as a caring person you want to help, even if the problems seem to have no solution.

It is here that a few simple counselling techniques can make all the difference. There are of course many methods of counselling ranging from confession to encounter groups, none of them automatically the best, so each counsellor uses whatever method feels right for them. But underlying all methods are the following basic techniques from Layman :. Negative feelings always emerge first and are always followed in due course by positive feelings. Reinforce all good suggestions and discourage bad ones. Clients have to take charge of their own lives. A client's affairs are none of your business.

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  • Do not rush it. Do not argue with the client. Give information, not advice. You reflect and stimulate the client's ideas. You do not dictate. Leave room for another meeting. They do not prepare you for severe problems.

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    All this will fail if you misinterpret what your client says. So how to stay on track? As a general rule avoid evaluation you shouldn't do X , interpretation it happened because of X , and probing why did you do X? Sympathy can help it's awful to get X , but best of all is paraphrasing you are unhappy with X?

    You repeat what your client says, but in fewer words with a clearer focus, asking for confirmation. You focus on your client's experience not on the problem. For example "You feel worried because it makes you angry? Your client's reactions will show if you are paraphrasing well or badly. It's not paraphrasing if you guess something your client has not stated. Don't despair if the client does all the talking. Varah cites an occasion where his client did not stop for well over an hour, then left after thanking him for "the best advice she had ever had", although all he had done was listen attentively and slip in an occasional "Mmmmm".

    Clearly there is no conflict between the above skills and astrology. Nevertheless astrology is not counselling. People with problems need to learn coping skills, but this will not happen unless the astrologer is informed about coping skills and is able to help people work their own way through problems.

    In such areas appeals to planetary gods other than to illustrate the client's position are not likely to be helpful, especially if they seduce the astrologer into playing God, the all-knowing channel for cosmic wisdom. Nor do astrologers who promote invalid beliefs get off the hook for having kind hearts and generous intentions -- the wrong thing done for the right reasons is still the wrong thing. Part 3.