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In the s, Chinese defeat in the first Sino-Japanese War brought the first occupation of Chinese territory by the Japanese and Taiwan was ceded to Japan, in perpetuity, in the Treaty of Shimonoseki.

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Although it was fiercely resented and resisted by the population, Taiwan remained under Japanese rule from until the end of WWII. The Chinese Civil War , which had already been in progress for some years, came to a head in as Mao's Communists defeated Chiang Kai-Shek and his nationalist forces.

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The nationalist leadership, along with thousands of supporters, fled to Taiwan where their political vehicle, the Kuo Min-Tang KMT rapidly came to dominate. Politically, Taiwan relied for a long time upon the support of the USA until the early s, when a rapprochement between Washington and Beijing took place, the USA effectively shifting its allegiance from Taiwan to China.

The Chinese still consider Taiwan to be part of their national territory and continue to harbour the long-term objective of reunifying Taiwan with the mainland. International recognition of Taiwan by the United Nations is therefore unacceptable to Beijing, but for all their political disagreements, extensive trade, travel and communications links have built up between Taiwan and China since the early s.

Did you know? Purer forms of Buddhism are also on the rise, along with Christianity. Due to the work of Western missionaries in centuries gone by, many aboriginal Taiwanese are Christians.

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Despite Taiwan's complex ethnic and cultural mix, its way of life is predominantly Chinese, steeped in tradition and marked by superstition. Two criminal cases — one in China, one in Taiwan — show a deeper rift between the political systems.

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