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The variability of the hydrogeological units, and the northward thickening of the sedimentary facies, were controlled by northeast-southwest orientated faults, which affect their impermeability. Experimental and evaluated photoneutron cross sections for Au. There is a serious well-known problem of noticeable disagreements between the partial photoneutron cross sections obtained in various experiments. Such data were mainly determined using quasimonoenergetic annihilation photon beams and the method of neutron multiplicity sorting at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory USA and Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires of Saclay France.

The analysis of experimental cross sections employing new objective physical data reliability criteria has shown that many of those are not reliable. The data evaluated using the new experimental-theoretical method noticeably differ from both experimental data and data previously evaluated using nuclear modeling codes gnash, gunf, alice-f, and others. These discrepancies needed to be resolved. Seldom studies are available on trends in stroke incidence in blacks.

We aimed to evaluate whether stroke risk prevention policies modified first-ever stroke incidence and outcomes in the black Afro-Caribbean population of Martinique.

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There have assessed temporal trends in first-ever stroke incidence, risk factors, pathological types, and early outcomes in the black Afro-Caribbean population of Martinique comparing two month periods and Crude and age-standardized incidence and day outcomes for stroke in the 2 study periods were compared using Poisson regression. We identified and first-ever strokes in the 2 studies. World age-standardized incidence rates decreased by Frequencies of hypertension and diabetes mellitus were unchanged, whereas dyslipidemia, smoking, and atrial fibrillation significantly increased. The overall day case-fatality ratio remained stable Over 13 years, there has been a significant decrease Although prevention policies seem effective, we need to focus on new risk factors limitation and on male population adherence to prevention program.

A collection is presented of references dealing with the physicochemical studies of fused salts, in partictular the alkali and alkali earth halides. Numerous binary, ternary and quaternary systems of these halides with those of uranium and thoriuna are examined, and the physical properties, density, viscosity, and vapor pressure going from the halides to the mixtures are also considered.

References relating to the corrosion of materials by these salts are included and the treatment of the salts with a view to recovery after irradiation in a nuclear reactor is discussed. The paper describes the comprehensive system which is developed and implemented at Electricite de France to provide a single reliable nuclear material control and accounting system for all nuclear plants.

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This software aims at several objectives among which are: the control and the accountancy of nuclear material at the plant, the optimization of the consistency of data by minimizing the possibility of transcription errors, the fulfillment of the statutory requirements by automatic transfer of reports to national and international safeguards authorities, the servicing of other EDF users of nuclear material data for technical or commercial purposes.

Plus de connaissances et de preuves scientifiques. PubMed Central. Par la suite, nous avons obtenu les distributions angulaires de la section efficace differentielle et du pouvoir d'analyse de ces reactions. Elles ont ete comparees a la theorie DWBA a l'approximation zero.

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The thermionic injector was used from February to October , and then it was replaced by the photo-injector, which was first operated in December The first beam from the latter was produced on 3 March The photo-injector consists of an RF gun, followed by a superconducting cavity. The RF gun is a 1. Upon emerging from the RF gun, the beam energy is 4 to 5 MeV; the beam is then rapidly accelerated by the superconducting cavity to an energy of 17 to 20 MeV.

Finally, a magnetic chicane, consisting of 4 dipoles, produces longitudinal compression of the electron bunches. This thesis describes the installation of the photo-injector at Fermilab and presents the experimentally-measured characteristics of the injector. The principal measurements were quantum eciency, dark current, transverse emittance, and bunch length.

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The conclusion from these studies is that the quality of the photo-injector beam fullls the design goals. The photo-injector at Fermilab is presently available for user experiments, including the production of at beams and plasma wake eld acceleration. The aim of the following review is to present the most important studies concerning the physical properties of water-solutes mixtures used in cryobiology. Cryobiology is a branch of biology which deals with the very low temperature behaviour of cells. This technique is developed today in several directions.

The creation of banks of cells and perhaps in a short time of small organs, is the purpose of much research in this domain. Before freezing, living cells are generally put in a solution containing one or more solutes.

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The role of these solutes is to protect the cells against damage due to crystallization of water cryoprotectors. The mechanisms of cryoprotection are not well known ; nevertheless the vitreous state formation during cooling is often invoked. The conditions in which the vitreous state is obtained, maintained during cooling, storage at low temperature and rewarming can be defined by physical studies presented in the following review. Etude du champ magnetique dans les nuages moleculaires. The basement of the Zaouit Ech Cheikh city shelters a dense network of underground cavities.

These sub-surface voids make many buildings or infrastructures unstable or cause them to collapse. To test the efficiency of geophysical methods in detecting cavities, 2D electrical tomography and ground-penetrating radar GPR studies were carried out along the main streets of the city.

The obtained results reveal the existence of a large number of underground cavities throughout the investigated area. They also show the interest of such combined geophysical methods as tools for mapping underground holes in an urban area. Response functions of Fuji imaging plates to monoenergetic protons in the energy range 0. Monoenergetic protons were produced with the 3. The IPs were irradiated with protons backscattered off a tantalum target. We present the photo-stimulated luminescence response of the IPs together with the fading measurements for these IPs. A method is applied to allow correction of fading effects for variable proton irradiation duration. The model enables extrapolation of the IP response to protons up to proton energies of 10 MeV. Utilisation de l'essai comete et du biomarqueur gamma-H2AX pour detecter les dommages induits a l'ADN cellulaire par le 5-bromodeoxyuridine post-irradiation.

Ce memoire est presente a la Faculte de medecine et des sciences de la sante de l'Universite de Sherbrooke en vue de l'obtention du grade de maitre es sciences M. Un jury a revise les informations contenues dans ce memoire. Il etait compose de professeurs de la Faculte de medecine et des sciences de la sante soit : Darel Hunting PhD, directeur de recherche departement de medecine nucleaire et radiobiologie , Leon Sanche PhD, directeur de recherche departement de medecine nucleaire et radiobiologie , Richard Wagner PhD, membre du programme departement de medecine nucleaire et radiobiologie et Guylain Boissonneault PhD, membre exterieur au programme departement de biochimie.

Le 5-bromodeoxyuridine BrdU , un analogue halogene de la thymidine reconnu depuis les annees 60 comme etant un excellent radiosensibilisateur. L'hypothese la plus repandue au sujet de l'effet radio sensibilisant du BrdU est qu'il augmente le nombre de cassures simple et double brin lorsqu'il est incorpore dans l'ADN de la cellule et expose aux radiations ionisantes. Toutefois, de nouvelles recherches semblent remettre en question les observations precedentes. Ces dernieres etudes ont confirme que le BrdU est un bon radiosensibilisateur, car il augmente les dommages radio-induits dans l'ADN.

Ces recherches ont egalement revele pour la premiere fois un nouveau type de dommages produits lors de l'irradiation de l'ADN contenant du BrdU : les dimeres interbrins. Pour ce faire, les essais cometes et la detection des foci H2AX phosphorylee pourraient permettre d'etablir les effets engendres par. I, o lo. Etude hydromecanique d'une fracture en cisaillement sous contrainte normale constante. This research study deals with the effects of shear direction and injection flow rate on the flow directional anisotropy for a given normal stress.

It presents experimental works on hydromechanical shear behaviour of a fracture under constant normal stress conditions that permits the characterisation of the intrinsic hydraulic transmissivity in relation with the directional anisotropy of the roughness morphology on the fracture surfaces. Tests were performed on mortar replicas of a natural fracture so that the fracture roughness and void space geometry were kept the same for each test.

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  • The experimental work program was performed through direct shear tests on the fracture replicas in four shear directions under four constant normal stress levels. The application of the normal stress was followed by several injections of fluid under constant flow rate. Then, for each defined shear displacement, several injections of fluid were done at different flow rate but under constant flow rate. The test results show that: 1 for the whole shear tests, the global intrinsic transmissivity is included within an enveloping zone of about one order of size.

    The transmissivity curves within the enveloping zone has a particularity to increase about two orders of size in the first millimetre of shear displacement and subsequently stabilised rapidly; 2 the highest dilatancy do not correspond necessarily with the highest intrinsic transmissivity so that, the behaviour of the global intrinsic transmissivity is not directly proportional to the fracture dilatancy during shear; 3 after the peak shear stress, the divergence is more marked between the global intrinsic transmissivity curves at various flow rate; 4 after peak shear strength and the beginning of asperity degradation, the gradual passage to residual friction shear behaviour causes a directional flow anisotropy and a reorientation of the flow chenalisation direction sub perpendicularly to the shear direction; 5 the anisotropy is not to develop equally between the two sense in the perpendicular direction to shear direction.

    In order to characterise the dynamics of the flow pattern in the fracture, a statistical analysis of the surfaces morphology of the fracture and the casting of void space geometry were performed before and after shear. A statistical analysis of asperity heights, on the global scale of the fracture surfaces, permits to characterise the fracture morphology and put in evidence a large morphological structure on which are superposed smaller asperities of variable dimensions. This large dimension structure generate a higher level landing occupying more than half of the fracture area.

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    The study of the surfaces morphology of the fracture, performed with the geostatistical mean asperity heights variogram by direction before shearing, show the presence of two entangled morphologic structure families 28 and 15 mm. This same study done after shearing shows that the asperity degradation seems associated with the reduction of the global intrinsic transmissivity of the fracture. Finally, the void spaces morphology evaluated by casting techniques, during the shear tests, has permitted to verify the contacts evolution with the increasing shear displacement and visualised flow chenalisation during fracture shearing.

    Etude de l'effet du gonflement par les solvants sur les proprietes du caoutchouc butyle. Polymers and in particular elastomers are widely used for personal protective equipment against chemical and biological hazards. Among them, butyl rubber is one of the most effective elastomers against chemicals. However, if this rubber has a very good resistance to a wide range of them, it is sensitive to non polar solvents.

    These solvents will easily swell the material and may dramatically affect its properties. This situation may involve a large risk for. It is thus essential to improve the understanding of the effect of solvents on the properties of butyl rubber.