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Each film offers action oriented steps that can be incorporated into everyday activities. Learn to recognize pigeon-holing, understand its high cost, and discover how to change the pattern. A perfect balanced approach that shows how embracing diversity can help overcome obstacles to innovation and change and help organizations raise productivity. This video with Dr. Encourages sensitivity toward and appreciation of cultural differences, while stressing the importance of focusing on commonalities. Learn suggestions for putting diversity in action to profit for your organization.

With a unique and comprehensive approach, this training program tackles the issues of diversity, communication, conflict-management and teamwork to help you foster a more productive workplace. Overcoming adversity and adapting to change can often be difficult to handle in the workplace. This new program explains that in order to fully embrace change, you must begin with meaningful communication. Managers are the first line of defense in dealing with harassment and discrimination issues. Because their actions—and inactions—directly represent the organization, they need to know how to prevent, rather than contribute, to lawsuits.

Deliver this powerful lesson to your organization and develop a more diversity-friendly culture with this program that helps employees understand, accept, and value differences. Diversity can be defined as the unique characteristics of all of the various groups who make up your business environment, including customers, managers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders. Managing diversity is about recognizing and responding effectively to the similarities and differences among all groups that make up the organization.

We now have four generations in the workplace and every generation has unique traits and qualities. In order to get along, be productive and avoid conflict we need to find common ground and let go of assumptions. That's what this program is all about. Diversity in the workplace leads to innovation.

But cultural illiteracy can derail efforts and lead to harassment, complaints and overall inefficiency. This program sets the tone for business meetings by enabling viewers with the ability to recognize and respect differences.

Managing Diversity in Health Care: Proven Tools and Activities for Leaders and Trainers | Wiley

Transitioning to a different gender is a deeply personal decision. There are many unknowns and the added stress of how the workplace will accept the transitioning employee is very real. This program provides organizations with the knowledge necessary to maintain a respectful and tolerant workplace for transgender employees. Upon completion of this focused training program, healthcare professionals will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide appropriate, age-specific care.

Help develop and improve problem solving skills among healthcare professionals at your facility by training them to be culturally competent and understand their diverse group of patients and family. This training will enhance the quality of healthcare provided for your patients. Every healthcare facility wants to discover the next best and brightest candidate among throngs of potential job applicants.

With this program, you can. A great video to assist in creating a friendlier environment for all, Diversity: The Real Scene offers facilitators a successful no-frills take on a complicated subject. The flexibility of the programs resources allow companies to make it their own.

Designed to stimulate discussion of non-sexual forms of harassment such as religion, age, race, national origin, gender and other issues with 8 "stop and discuss" scenarios. This 2 minute inspirational program tackles the topic of diversity in a compelling and insightful manner which provokes the question "Are We Really So Different, You and I?

A four-part series from QMR covers numerous issues of diversity in great detail. Interesting, bold role-plays and true life testimonials make this program very engaging. Overcome conflicts and create productive teams. A failure to take advantage of opportunities to lead prevents your people from becoming united in their work. Build and enable environments that foster strong leaders. Understand the importance of addressing gender balance and how it benefits businesses to ensure women are not under-represented at higher levels.

Sadhana Smiles speaks candidly to managers on how best to ensure fair and thorough strategy and enforcement of policies. Video-enriched training organized around learning objectives to facilitate discussion will help raise awareness regarding this issue and explain the do's and don'ts of creating a respectful work environment for everyone. Respect is critical for any organization to function. A powerful training series covering over 80 workplace topics every workplace needs to address. Short, sharp and funny with simple messages and skills for everyone. Featuring Peter Sheahan, a noted international speaker, Generation Y will energize your team and get everyone from entry level to senior management serious about talent development.

What makes Generation Y different? Take a look at this insightful video that explores one of the largest workforces ever released into the workplace. They work different, they talk different Stephen R. Covey, best-selling author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People , presents five programs that show leaders new ways of interacting with subordinates so that self-esteem, productivity, and performance are increased. This documentary style program offers timeless insights designed to create an environment where people subordinate "mine" to "ours", and "now" to "the future", by recognizing the power of diversity.

This provactive diversity management video addresses one of the most important issues of our day: how to overcome differences and tap into the limitless strength of a diverse workgroup.

Diversity intelligence for understanding equity & leadership - Claretha Hughes - TEDxUofOzarks

This moving film highlights the importance of seeing every patient as an individual and reminds healthcare workers to see the humanity in patients who are elderly or infirm, and to always treat them with dignity. This program teaches healthcare employees communication skills which will help them clearly explain details of healthcare topics to a variety of cultures, strengthen their awareness of the community they serve, and improve the patient-centered care your facility offers.

Thank you for verifying your email address. A Peacock in the Land of Penguins A CRM Release Through an animated fable, this classic story of Perry the Peacock and his friends, shows how organizations benefit when they value someone who is different, and embrace diversity to improve communication, teamwork, creativity and empowerment. Diversity: Face to Face Today, diversity awareness must also address how people are treated by their co-workers and the organization itself -- as well as how they want to be treated.

Diversity Training Videos

Consciously Overcoming Unconscious Bias This conversational, easy-to-use program shows how unconscious bias, micro-inequities, and micro-affirmations overlap in the workplace. Defeating Unconscious Bias What can you do to counter the unconscious bias affecting you, your colleagues and your workplace? Your Silence Hurts Challenge your employees by asking, "How will you personally respond next time you witness somebody being treated with disrespect? Diversity Made Simple In an increasingly diverse world, embracing the talents of people who come from all cultures, races, ethnicities, faiths, beliefs and personal experiences is essential to successful organizations.

Diversity Made Simple for Managers Demographics are becoming more racially and ethnically diverse every year. In This Together A Media Partners Release Through the lens of real situations, this harassment video addresses a wide range of issues from gossip to sexual harassment and invites team members to make good choices at work.

Anyone Can Be An Ally Written and presented by Brian McNaught, dubbed "the godfather of gay sensitivity training" by the NY Times, Brian is considered the world's leading corporate diversity consultant dealing with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues in the workplace. Patient Diversity: Beyond the Vital Signs A CRM Release Spend the afternoon in almost any hospital and you'll discover the challenges of providing - and receiving - medical care in this increasingly diverse era.

Diversity Is Without Regard Without Regard Please Respect My Generation! Four Generations: The Greatest Potential This program helps traditionalists, baby boomers, generation X'ers, and generation Y'ers in your organization bridge the generation gap and improve relationships critical to business and personal growth. Wealth, Innovation and Diversity This inspirational training illustrates a fundamental truth: diversity is the key to creating wealth and success for all.

Respectful Supervisor Set A CRM Release A 2-part training set that teaches the day-to-day steps supervisors can take to help ensure their team members feel respected and valued. Respectful Workplace Basics Set A CRM Release When everyone in the organization practices the skills presented in these videos, individual and team performance improves, harassment and discrimination are prevented, and employee satisfaction increases.

Diversity: Food for Thought A fresh perspective about how diversity will improve the communication of employees as well as the bottom line will serve every employee and manager some good. Workplace Bullying Prevention Made Simple This program helps employees understand how the effects of bullying on victims can manifest into very real physical and mental health issues. The InMotion Series Using stunning visuals and practical lessons, The InMotion Series is a set of five short programs which serve as a quick and easy way to improve any group gathering or team meeting while generating powerful and meaningful discussion.

Inclusion Insights with Dr. Steve Robbins This video with Dr. Let's Get Together: Communicating Respect in a Diverse Workplace With a unique and comprehensive approach, this training program tackles the issues of diversity, communication, conflict-management and teamwork to help you foster a more productive workplace.

Training Topics

Embracing Change with Laura Goodrich Overcoming adversity and adapting to change can often be difficult to handle in the workplace. Diversity: Respect at Work Deliver this powerful lesson to your organization and develop a more diversity-friendly culture with this program that helps employees understand, accept, and value differences. Just Be F. Shifting Years with Laura Goodrich We now have four generations in the workplace and every generation has unique traits and qualities.

Managing Diversity

Cultural Competency Is The average age was 25 years. The teaching staff comprised six full-time teaching staff and three part-time lecturers; all were white except one black African male lecturer.

Why You Can’t Just Outlaw Bias

In terms of how diversity was attended to within the institutional culture, there was no formal policy or interventions in place. Rather from the college there was an official stance of non-racism, non-sexism and equal treatment of all in the constitution of the church. Within the formal curriculum there were modules titled 'Knowing Yourself and Others' and 'Spiritual Formation' that dealt with self and cultural awareness. In addition, there was a mission outreach trip each year and this was intended to 'educate in ministering cross-culturally'. Informally there were structures like the formation groups, which were intentionally racially and gender diverse for students to journey together spiritually.

Within the residential campus there were community-building activities like work days and community outreaches. What was noticeable about this campus was the awkwardness in talking about diversity issues, especially the issue of race - the principal immediately affirmed that 'we do not have a problem here - we are brothers and sisters in the Lord and we do not see colour'. In fact it would seem that people are unaware that these issues exist, which is typical among the majority groups as a result of their structural position in the majority Tatum This 'colour-blind' position maintains the status quo and tries to suppress and gloss over prejudice by professing not to see colour.

It would seem that talking about race and emphasising ethnicity only causes divisions, and as the principal stated, 'we should focus on what we have in common, our faith, and not what makes us different'.

Students felt that talking about the race issue was seen as divisive:.